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Plastic is Fantastic!

At MILTOplast we love Plastic and there are many good reasons why.




If you do your bit of work, which is just to put your old pots to the waste bin for recyclables, the system will do the rest. Plastic is a material that can be recycled and reused many times giving every granule of polymer a use time of many decades before having to be disposed.

Designer Friendly
Plastic has become the favorite material for most designers.  No matter the shape, size, form, use it can be done and most of the times can outperform other materials. Plastic manages to unchain the creative spirit of the designer which delivers great products for the end user.


Plastic is a material with great mechanical properties. If you add to that our great design process and testing prior to product launch you have a very solid and endurable product which will last beyond your expectations  

Weather resistant
Until up to 50 degrees above zero to 20 degrees below zero your pot can easily take it. The color will not fade or alter because all of our products are produced with UV stabilized materials. In areas with heavy winter and low temperatures the pot will not usually freeze.  So feel free to put our products outdoor no matter in which country you live in.

Less Weight
Most of the times it is lighter than any other material used for any given product. No matter the size you will able to easily move it around

A plastic pot is fully waterproof thus it won’t stains or damp circles no matter where you put it. Furthermore the soil in the pot dries out less quickly than in an earthenware pot.

Easy to clean
Our products are non porous and have a smooth surface that can be very easily cleaned if they get dirty.


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MILTOplast is a fast growing, family company specializing in plastic plant pots, outdoor furniture and other Household products. Over the past three decades we have gained a deep understanding of the garden and household sector which has led to a clear insight into the needs of our customers. read more

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