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MIltoplast was established in 1984 and since then is focused on designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality, plastic injection molding products to the garden and agricultural market. Almost three decades later Miltoplast is one of the leading companies of it s sector in South Europe.

In 2001 MILTOplast acquired VIOKAT SA a company producing articles for the household market. This decision served the company strategy for growth, further diversification of the product range and expansion to an affiliated market sector

MILTOplast leads the field in supplying inventive, high-quality products to a broad range of customers. As the key specialist in all of our markets we have a broad portfolio of products satisfying every need and requirement in the garden and household sector.

At MILTOplast  we are passionate about the customer satisfaction. Immaculate quality, unique service, swift turnaround production times, new innovative products are some of the reasons why our customers remain loyal year after year.

The company headquarters along with the 1500sqm in town distribution center are located in Retsina 44 str, Piraeus. Our privately owned manufacturing facility of 2000sqm covered area and  the 8000sqm logistics center are located in the Industrial Zone of Voiotia at Oinofyta.

A two year investment plan has been just completed including three brand new Injection molding machines of the latest technology, more than 25 tools for new products and the acquisition of a new plant of 3000sqm covered area in 25000sqm of land in the Industrial zone of Thebes which will satisfy the anticipated increasing production and distribution workload

Our company immediately set a new strategic plan for the coming years which is focused in organic growth through:

  • Continuous investment in new tools for new products
  • Expansion of our product range in order to gradually be able to satisfy  most of the needs of the market  locally and abroad
  • Establishment of an in house R&D dprt and the introduction of our collaboration with  design houses abroad 
  • Expansion of our sales force locally and in continental Europe
  • Establishment of a long-term export strategy and strengthening of the existing partnerships internationally
  • Penetration in new markets abroad with our garden and furniture range of products
  • New marketing strategy and brand estimated to be launched early in autumn 2012

MILTOplast aims to deliver innovative products that not only stand out but do actually influence the market. For many years we dedicated significant resources in the design and development of our products and it is our strategic decision to keep on heavily investing in new people and technologies in order to create one of the most dynamic and creative teams in the market.

At MILTOplast we love Plastic and there are many good reasons why.


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At MILTOplast we are passionate about the environment. After all, our products are all about the environment and are geared to improving your interaction with nature. We have invested considerable resources in understanding our impact to the environment and we are doing significant steps in measuring and minimizing our contribution.

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MILTOplast is a fast growing, family company specializing in plastic plant pots, outdoor furniture and other Household products. Over the past three decades we have gained a deep understanding of the garden and household sector which has led to a clear insight into the needs of our customers. read more

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